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Tenant Guidelines


Applying for, and residing in a property


A tenancy agreement outlines our agreed manner of working together to ensure:

  • you understand all costs involved with letting and maintaining your property

  • the property is maintained

  • your, and our owner's rights are protected, and,

  • we continue to enjoy a positive relationship.




*For example: Driver Licence/ATM card/credit card/utilities bill addressed to you at your current address.




  • The required bond will be paid in the manner outlined in your tenancy agreement

  • Your bond will be lodged with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority and held until the end of your tenacy.



Tenants will notify us in writing when an someone moves in or out of the property – the owner reserves the right to accept or reject proposed tenants.


Paying rent


  • You are legally required to pay your rent in advance, on or before the due date*

  • There are a number of rent payment methods available that you are provided on application. 

*Please notify your property manager if you have problems paying your rent on time. If you fall into arrears, we will follow the procedures outlined in the Residential Tenancy Act




- Pre-inspection


We will provide you with a property condition report at the commencement of your tenancy – this ensures you are not held responsible for damage you did not cause when you move out*


*You can make comments and additional notes on the report. You must sign and return it to our office within three working days of your moving date. 


- Routine inspections


We will:

  • inspect your property at regular intervals – we may take photos during an inspection

  • advise the owner of the condition of the property after each inspection, noting any required maintenance*

*It is in your best interest to point out any issues or maintenance required during a routine inspection, that way we can organise prompt approval and repairs.


Repairs and Maintenance


  • Report repairs and maintenance as soon as possible using:

*Jobs requiring tradespeople will require the landlord’s permission.

Once approved, a work order is sent directly to the tradesperson – they will contact you directly to arrange a time to make repairs.




Depending on the property, pets may be approved with the owner's consent using our Pet Application Form


Emergency repairs - call 3262 9999


  • Where possible, you will contact your property manager for emergency repairs

  • For after hours emergencies

    • call 3262 9999 - your call will be diverted to an agent who will take your call - alternatively you can contact Jacqui on 0418 753 375

    • call SES 132 500 for flood and storm emergencies. 

What is an emergency repair?


Emergency repairs may include:

  • burst water service

  • gas leak

  • blocked or broken toilet

  • failt or damage likely to cause injury

  • serious roof leak

  • electrical faults.

Ending a tenancy and leaving the property


  • Contact your property manager to discuss your legal requirements as written notice periods are required*

  • Complete and send your property manager a written ‘Notice of Intention to Leave/Notice to Leave’

  • Your property manager will provide you with the requirements for handing over vacant possession – i.e. return all keys

  • Your property manager will arrange a bond final inspection.

*In Queensland tenants must give 14 days notice to leave. 


Breaking your lease


We know that people’s circumstances change - however your tenancy agreement is a binding document and there is a legal process to follow when breaking your lease.


If you need to break your lease, please contact your property manager - they will send you a Break Lease Form – please complete the form and return it to your property manager. 


You may be required to pay all outstanding monies owed and costs incurred as outlined in your tenancy agreement and Break Lease Form.