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Finding your new home or investment property


"We call when we say we will, and we do what we say we'll do - we're up front about what we can and can't do, so we don't raise unachievable expecations."


Jacqui Bartholomeusz - Principal, Harcourts Clayfield


Your essentials


It is important we know the most important features you want in a property - for example:

  • a separate office/study

  • air conditioning

  • aspect and neighbourhood

  • security

  • garaging

  • low maintenance grounds


Your wish list


These are the features you are willing to negotiate - for example:

  • suburb/s

  • price range

  • number of bedrooms and bathrooms

  • style of home and construction 

  • proximity to childcare/primary and secondary schools

  • land size

  • car accommodation

  • special requirements e.g. no stairs, air conditioning, pools

  • public transport and/or access to freeways, airport, CBD.


Loan Calculator


A loan calculator enables you to easily determine fortnightly or monthly repayments by entering the amount you wish to borrow, your deposit, preferred interest rate and term of the loan. Please click here to use the Mortgage Express loan repayment calculator.


Buying at auction


Buying at auction avoids the traditional offer/counter-offer negotiation process, and the uncertainty of what another buyer may be offering. During an auction, bids for the property are called in an open arena on a given day and time. If your bid is accepted you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have purchased at true market value.

Paying the deposit


Once all parties have signed the contract you will be asked to pay a deposit. This is usually 10 per cent of the purchase price.

We can refer you to Mortgage Express who can help you through the process. 


Property insurance


In Queensland, you are required to take an insurance cover on the property you are buying from the first business day after the contract has been signed.


Arranging finance


There are a number of options when it comes to banks, products, rates, terms and fees. A financial broker has the choice of many lenders and will often get you better terms than the bank will offer you directly.


They can arrange funds for your deposit once your offer is accepted.

Property purchase costs


Financial fees vary and will depend on the:

  • percentage of the property value you are borrowing 

  • amount of the loan 

  • amount of the purchase, and

  • lending institution. 


Your financial lender can quickly calculate the approximate costs for your circumstances.

Possible expenses are:

  • bank fees, which may include:

    • lender application fees, valuation fees, legal and settlement fees

    • lender monthly account keeping fees (if applicable)

    • lender “Professional Package” annual fees (if applicable)

    • lender’s mortgage insurance (if applicable)

    • lender retention account fees (if applicable)

    • title transfer, mortgage registration fees

    • registration of mortgage discharge (refunded by seller at settlement)

  • solicitor’s charges may include legal searches 

  • stamp duty on purchase   

  • home protection insurance

  • miscellaneous costs (building/pest inspections, rates, removalists, etc.)

Completing the purchase


Before settlement, your solicitor will make the necessary searches with respect to the property, and your financier will prepare the mortgage documentation.

On settlement your solicitor will exchange with the seller's solicitor:

  • all monies

  • transfer documentation

  • keys to the property.

Within a few days of settlement your solicitor or financier will register the necessary documentation  and mortgage transfer with the Land Titles Registry.

Possession of the property usually takes place on the settlement day although the seller and buyer can agree for a different date.